An unavoidable aspect
Design Like most people, most researchers and scholars dislike rules and regulations. However, the latter cannot be avoided, like rules on the alphabet, on arithmetic and so on.
  Hopefully, scholarship on law can develop into empirical engineering of rules and regulations for governing society, and hopefully wndash might be an example of this. Quite likely, rules and regulations must be very specific where it really matters, like where science and scholarship differ from other social conventions.
Basic Statutes for an association "Wetenschap Nederland" i.o. (also known as "Dutch Assembly of Sciences and Humanities")
  Rules for membership (full voting member, supportive non-voting member (e.g. student, since universities combine research and teaching))
  Annual elections, say of 33 of the 99 seats, electoral commission, rules for candidacies
  Rules for payment of chosen representatives
  Rules for meetings and official decision making
  Rules for the functioning of the forum of science and learning - with a distinction between discussion about actual practice and a discussion of the Theoretical foundation.