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Foundation For this phase of the wndash initiative, this present website is supported by Stichting HACC, The Hague, Chamber of Commerce 4115634, which is a nonprofit foundation existing since 1987 with the objective "to undertake and support activities for education and fun, concerning computers, automatisation and informatics, including the support of associations and institutes involved in that area". The reason for the support is the expectation that the wndash initiative will generate an advance in ideas for new digital technology and its applications.
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Organisation The website started in March 2020. The organisation at that time was rudimentary.
Persons Though more people will be involved you may contact:
  Thomas Cool / Thomas Colignatus, econometrician and teacher of mathematics,, tc-tc /AT/ kpnmail /DOT/ nl
Theory While this website provides many more sources that inspired this initiative - see the theoretical foundation - this book can be mentioned:
  Thomas Colignatus (2020), Forum Theory  &  A National Assembly of Science and Learning,
Donations Stichting HACC, The Hague, IBAN NL38INGB0000547774, BIC INGBNL2A. Mention that the donation is for Individuals are encouraged to consider donating EUR 50.